Anarchist group threatens new attacks on tourists in Spain after targeting Barcelona and Mallorca

Eyes to the South: French Anarchists and Algeria, an extensive work that examines the various dramas of modern Algerian history and the engagement by French anarchist observers of this. Put simply, the Front de Liberation Nationale FLN , which in Leninist style organized armed struggle against French rule, developed after independence into an exploitative, capitalo-feudalist and misogynistic dictatorship that is the very negation of the liberty and solidarity of anarchist philosophy, let alone the radical-reconstructive expectations that underpinned the sustained insurrectional resistance of the Algerians during the independence war of to Indeed, the autogestion experiment seemed to confirm the philosophical views of many French anarcho-syndicalists, who theorized that there lie latent potentially devastating revolutionary passions in all those subordinated to capital, ones that can, as the Situationists and the theorists of the Frankfurt School of Critical Theory would argue, be accelerated in certain contexts. In an attempt to appease the developing Islamist movement, the latter dictator, indeed, introduced a highly repressive Family Code in that effectively established Algerian females as inferior to males in legal terms. In this way are writers of Alternative Libertaire correct to comment that the Front Islamique de Salvation FIS , a reactionary band of Islamist fundamentalists that would go on to launch a civil war against the military regime after being banned following its electoral victories at the municipal level in , is the child of the FLN—itself an Islamist-nationalist grouping, one responsible, among other crimes, for the torture of labor activists and a brutal anti-feminism. These dramatic interventions from subjugated Kabylies would return in in the form of direct action in opposition to the continued attempt to progressively Arabize the region, as in the Black Spring protests that began via mass-defiance of the murder by police of a Kabyle student. This latter event, an ongoing insurrection, gave birth to the aarch movement, a series of inter-related networks of assemblies directing resistance to the Algerian State; delegates to the assemblies, true to anarchist form, were controlled by the movement at the base.

The 94 Most Badass Soldiers Who Ever Lived

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In , Fultz was placed on probation for two years and ordered to perform hours of community service. None at this time. Cooperated with the authorities and testified against Marius Mason formerly Marie after being charged with participating in one action with Mason and Ambrose. Burthwick was sentenced to 14 months in He also has an updated profile on metal-archives.

While this is not a case of someone in the movement informing, it does illustrate another example of how one may become an informant.


Historically, Morris dancing has been linked to May Day celebrations. Dancing the May Pole at Llanelwedd in Wales , May Day has been a traditional day of festivities throughout the centuries, most associated with towns and villages celebrating springtime fertility of the soil , livestock, and people and revelry with village fetes and community gatherings. Seeding has been completed by this date and it was convenient to give farm labourers a day off. Perhaps the most significant of the traditions is the maypole , around which traditional dancers circle with ribbons.

In February , the UK Parliament was reported to be considering scrapping the bank holiday associated with May Day, replacing it with a bank holiday in October, possibly coinciding with Trafalgar Day celebrated on October 21 , to create a “United Kingdom Day”.

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Mueller team interviewed Sessions in Russia probe

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SOURCE: Vinayak Shetti / Editor of India is surrounded by two nuclear-armed neighbours who make up Second largest combined airforce fleet in the world only to be surpassed by United states of America.

Posted on October 21, by Scott Alexander I. Psychoanalysts argue that sons are attracted to women who look like their mothers, because they imprint on their mothers and use them as a schema for their ideal woman. Since study after study shows genes having unexpectedly big effects on behavior, and early childhood experiences with parents having unexpectedly small effects, maybe this would be a better explanation for the effect if it even exists.

Goose-ologist Konrad Lorenz raised goslings from birth. He concluded that they imprinted on their adoptive parent him and learned to prefer mates who looked like that parent. More formally, Bischof et al got some male zebra finches and arrange to have them raised by a closely-related species, Bengalese finches. Then they put them in cages with both female zebra finches and female Bengalese finches and observed which females the birds tried to court.

The results were pretty striking; they overwhelmingly went for the Bengalese finches who looked like their mothers, not the zebra finches who were genetically more suitable. This is consistent with some kind of social imprinting where your opposite-sex parent serves as a template for future romantic interest.

‘No Hate’ Anarchists Attack 4 People at Berkeley Rally

Daily Bale Special Report. LABOUR was founded to promote the interests of the British working-class but in recent years through its ideological attachment to mass immigration and the disgusting communist ideology of political correctness, the party has grievously betrayed the people who were once regarded as the backbone of our country. Most of the British public has been increasingly appalled at this process of national self destruction and the criminal oppression of the British People by left wing politically correct Anti Fascist violent thugs and the thought police who try to suppress freedom of speech through politically correct intimidation, manipulation and fascist politically correct evil bullying.

The evil of left wing political correctness and its disregard of the British people and Culture. Also the Daily Bale has been inundated with hundreds of thousands of private messages of support and goodwill for what we are doing and what we stand for — the underlying message that we keep hearing over and over again is that the British people have had enough of left wing political correctness, immigration and Anti Fascist bullying by Anti Fascist left wing politically correct weird unwashed long haired Anti British Marxist thugs!

Anarchism is a political philosophy that advocates self-governed societies based on voluntary institutions. These are often described as stateless societies, although several authors have defined them more specifically as institutions based on non-hierarchical or free associations. Anarchism holds the state to be undesirable, unnecessary and harmful.. While opposition to the state is central.

Anarchists participated alongside the Bolsheviks in both February and October revolutions , and were initially enthusiastic about the Bolshevik coup. Anarchists in central Russia were either imprisoned, driven underground or joined the victorious Bolsheviks; the anarchists from Petrograd and Moscow fled to the Ukraine. Expelled American anarchists Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman were amongst those agitating in response to Bolshevik policy and the suppression of the Kronstadt uprising, before they left Russia.

Both wrote accounts of their experiences in Russia, criticizing the amount of control the Bolsheviks exercised. Many workers and activists saw Bolshevik success as setting an example; Communist parties grew at the expense of anarchism and other socialist movements. Their manifesto, called the Organizational Platform of the General Union of Anarchists Draft , [69] was supported.

Anti-fascist Maquis , who resisted Nazi and Francoist rule in Europe. Fight against fascism See also: Italy saw the first struggles between anarchists and fascists. Italian anarchists played a key role in the anti-fascist organisation Arditi del Popolo , which was strongest in areas with anarchist traditions, and achieved some success in their activism, such as repelling Blackshirts in the anarchist stronghold of Parma in August But in , the CNT changed its policy and anarchist votes helped bring the popular front back to power.

Months later, the former ruling class responded with an attempted coup causing the Spanish Civil War — Stalinist-led troops suppressed the collectives and persecuted both dissident Marxists and anarchists. Squatting was a prominent part of the emergence of renewed anarchist movement from the counterculture of the s and s.

The Origins of Contemporary Chicana/o Anarchism

Visit Website Historians believe the first maypole dance originated as part of a fertility ritual, where the pole symbolized male fertility and baskets and wreaths symbolized female fertility. The maypole never really took root in America, where May Day celebrations were discouraged by the Puritans. But other forms of celebrations did find their way to the New World.

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The London Anarchist Group Squatting Mansions to Fight Homelessness